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I've started to put together some basic videos to show the process of creating basic applications. They're all related so you should play them sequentially and use full screen. The project is the recreation of one I originally wrote in Clarion. The WinDev project is actually complete but unfortunately I'm now way behind on the videos. I hope to remedy this in the near future.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
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Video 6


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Welcome to WinDev Australia

The WinDev product suite

Whilst the term WinDev is used somewhat generically when referring to the product suite, it actually consists of 3 separate products. Namely WINDEV®, WEBDEV®, and WINDEV Mobile®, but are usually purchased as a combined suite. Simply put, the WINDEV IDE facilitates desktop development, the WEBDEV IDE facilitates web application, and the WINDEV Mobile IDE facilitates mobile development. If you purchase WINDEV and any of the other products, you can actually set it up to work on the projects of your other products from within the WINDEV IDE (You must own those other products)

Cross-Platform Applications

Compatibility - With WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile, the same source code runs on different platforms.

Product pricing

The products can be purchased separately or in any combination of the 3, though it's far more cost effective to purchase the full suite of 3. At current prices, a suite of any 2 products has a saving of about 18% over purchasing the 2 individually, and the the suite of 3 has a saving of about 33% over purchasing the 3 individually. Keep in mind that as an experienced Developer, you qualify for the "Competitive Exchange" price which is a saving of some 47%, 55%, or 62% from the normal retail price depending on which package you purchase. You can check out the prices here.


As an experienced professional developer it will be important to you that the code style, function types, structures, syntax and so on, all be familiar. This was one thing that struck me when I first looked at WINDEV after decades of Clarion programming. I had always loved the structure, syntax and general readability of Clarion code, and now I had found something every bit as good, if not considerably better. Yes there is a learning curve, but it's not particularly steep, and there's also tools and courses to help mitigate that incline. You'll also be absolutely in love with the debugger.

I have started to put together a series of videos (see adjacent panel)that demonstrate the basics of Rapid Application Development with WINDEV and over time will add a lot more. The important thing is that it demonstrates how easy it is to generate a "proof of concept" then to modify the settings and such, plus add your own code to achieve the final look and feel and functionality you need.

You will also want to know that there's plenty of help available for whatever project your on. To this end, apart from free Technical Support direct from PC Soft, there are a number of English speaking forums available, which I have listed on the Resources page.

The first port of call for you to determine if these tools should be part of your toolbox is the free trials. For your convenience I've put links to the WINDEV Express, and WINDEV Mobile Express, downloads in the adjacent panel. Unfortunately PC Soft do not have an Express version for WEBDEV however if after trying out WINDEV you would like to try WEBDEV, just email me and I'll send you instructions on how this can be done.

If you're still not sure if this suite is for you, then perhaps you'd like to check out some more information by popping over to the Downloads page where you'll find links to numerous PDFs and Ebooks.


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