Your cross-platform applications

With WINDEV, WEBDEV, AND WINDEV Mobile, the same code runs on different platforms

Cross-platform development (Windows, .Net, Linux, Mac, Internet, Intranet, Tablet, Smartphone, Windows or Linux server, etc.) is easier than ever thanks to the compatibility between WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile.

WINDEV creates applications for Windows, Linux and Mac. WEBDEV recompiles them for the Internet. WINDEV Mobile recompiles them for tablets or smartphones.

Use the same project, interfaces, objects, elements and source code regardless of the target.

Make the most of your developments, deploy faster on all devices.


The ability to simply recompile an application for different targets is a decisive advantage. It guarantees continuity and the ability to respond to changes.

AAF technology

Several automatic features are available.


Portable code and objects (for Web browsers and Mobile code).


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