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My Videos

I've started to put together some basic videos to show the process of creating basic applications. They're all related so you should play them sequentially and use full screen. The project is the recreation of one I originally wrote in Clarion. The WinDev project is actually complete but unfortunately I'm now way behind on the videos. I hope to remedy this in the near future.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6


The following are links to forums, videos, and other resources which can help you with your journey of discovery in the power and productivity of WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile.


This is a Facebook group created by the WxPerts team after Google dropped support for Google Plus sites. They are the USA Distributors for PC Soft, and are a group of extremely experienced guys in all facets of programming, especially with WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile. Once you join this group (free membership) you can post questions, reply to posts, subscribe to threads etc. An excellent resource for obtaining help.

WXForum (Previously MySnip)
This is a long established web-based forum put together by Guenter Predl, the Austrian (no not Australian <g>) Distributor for PC Soft. This is also an excellent resource for obtaining help and has actually been in existence longer than the WinDev-US forum. It is also a free membership.

PC Soft - US
This is PC Soft's English speaking newsgroup. This group also allows you to post after joining (free membership), however do note that it also, in part, mirrors the content from the MySnip group, however it can't handle any graphics posted on the MySnip group requiring you to search the MySnip group for that post to view any graphics.

This is a new forum created in April 2023 by a well experienced and enthusiastic Wolfgang Kirsch. Please check it out.


Online Training Courses
There are an ever increasing number of courses available here, put together by the WxPerts team, who are also the USA Distributors. It is part of their Facebook presence referred to above. The courses include videos, code, and PDFs. They include such things as a guide to productively configuring your IDE, the use of Code Bricks, plus some real world examples using their own classes.

Wx Training
These are a series of Streaming Video Training courses created by one of the members of the WxPerts team who specialises in training. His courses are highly regarded (see comments), and therefore generally quite expensive, however I have secured a special deal with the author and can offer these courses at significant discounts. Click on the heading of this section to see details. A 3 day one-on-one mentoring session is also available (see same link).


WxPerts Youtube Channel
This is a massive resource of Webinars and Videos numbering over 160.


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