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Wx Version 24Wx Version 24Wx Version 24

The new English Version 24 is now available, and with it 924 new features.

Site is being updated for this version change. Please let me know of any broken links or wrong information.

Discounted Upgrade prices available for a limited time.

You would like to upgrade but cashflow this month is a problem? Contact me for assistance.

Your cross-platform applications

You use the same project, the same code, the same objects and the same elements...

With WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile, the same source application can be run on several platforms.

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Upgrades - You can see most upgrade prices and combinations here.

Whilst upgrading, if you don't yet have the full suite, then take advantage of the discounted package upgrades and additions. Have a look at this table to get an indication of what's possible. This is truly the most affordable way to increase your development potential.

For links to brochures, concepts, tutorials, and trial versions please head to here.

Looking for Contract Work, or need contractors then have a look here. For the moment I'm manually adding the information to this page so just email me with your requirements. As soon as I get a chance I'll add a user system whereby you can enter your own details.


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